How to create our first React app using Vite

Vite (French word for “fast”, pronounced /vit/) is a build tool that aims to provide a faster and leaner development experience for modern web projects. It consists of two major parts:

  • A dev server that provides rich feature enhancements over native ES modules, for example extremely fast Hot Module Replacement (HMR).
  • A build command that bundles your code with Rollup, pre-configured to output highly optimized static assets for production.

Vite is opinionated and comes with sensible defaults out of the box, but is also highly extensible via its Plugin API and…

Recoil is an experimental set of utilities for state management with React. Recoil lets you create a data-flow graph that flows from atoms (shared state) through selectors (pure functions) and down into your React components. Atoms are units of state that components can subscribe to. Selectors transform this state either synchronously or asynchronously.

  • Atoms

Atoms are units of state. They’re updateable and subscribable: when an atom is updated, each subscribed component is re-rendered with the new value. They can be created at runtime, too. Atoms can be used in place of React local component state. …

Let me explain how to use ESLint with Airbnb guidelines in the right way inside your react app.

First of all create a new react app called eslint-configwith npx command like this

Database like a repo

Dolt is a SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, merge, push and pull just like a git repository. It’s easy to use, let’s see how to do it!

First of all, let’s install it globally : brew install dolt

To check if the installation was successful, run: dolt

After that, we can set a global configuration, with these two commands, below:

dolt config --global --add YOU@DOMAIN.COMdolt config --global --add "YOUR NAME"

Now we can create and initialize our first dolt project, so, create a new folder called state-pops and inside this…

Stefano Di Cecco

Self-motivated IT professional with great knowledge and proficiency in JavaScript, TypeScript. Expertise in frameworks like React.js, Angular.

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